FAQ – Cost

In this FAQ, you will find answers to commonly asked medical questions about the surgery, controversial issues, and subjects you might not have even considered. If you have a question that still has not been answered, please contact us today to have your specific questions answered directly. For your convenience, FAQ section is divided into several parts.

How much does it cost?
This is a very difficult question to answer until you are totally evaluated and we know how much coverage you need. Hair transplantation is a cost-competitive solution for hair loss. Other hair replacement alternatives require additional maintenance over the years. In general, the cost of the surgery is anywhere from US$ 1,700 to US$ 2,500 per procedure, depending upon many factors eg. your current degree of hairloss, your goals and expectations.
Isn`t Hair Transplantation Surgery too much expensive?
Comparatively, no. While there are costs involved, the benefits of growing your own hair make hair transplantation much more cost-effective than other methods, because afterwards no further expense is incurred. There are no expensive chemicals to be bought or used continually. There are no expensive hair pieces to be maintained, repaired, tinted, conditioned and replaced regularly every 18 months in order to look natural. So, weighed in the light of all possible alternatives, the hair transplant solution is not only the best, but is also the most economical overall.